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Great! You are in the right place. Whether you have hit a plateau with your CrossFit training or simply want to look and feel amazing in your bathing suit, your Complete Nutrition Package will help you find your Nutrition Sweet Spot.

Nutrition Sweet Spot

/n(y)o͞oˈtriSH(ə)n/ /swēt/ /spät/
noun informal

The point at which your nutrition plan produces the optimal combination of having a lean body, energy all day, restful sleep, confidence in what to eat, and never feeling deprived or hungry.

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Get lean and gain muscle!

You are here because you want someone who understands you to take your hand, show you where your strengths and weaknesses are, tell you exactly how to fix them, and walk you through the next 30 days with a proven system used by hundreds of athletes just like you to achieve

That Defining CrossFit Body

That is
why you are here, right? You don’t want to spend month after month trying to figure out what works best.  You want more than just numbers and recommendations.  You want to actually have a solid plan in place that ensures your shoulders will be rocking that tank top in the next 30 days and beyond.

"Nutrition WOD has me looking at macros in a whole different way. I am the most confident I have felt about myself in MANY years!!"

- Debra B.

Nutrition WOD's Complete Nutrition Package is the nutrition coach you've been missing.

Our proven three phase coaching system has been successfully used by Regional and Games level athletes as well as hundreds of athletes just like you.

No matter where you are starting from, you can be confident that this system will have you feeling great and looking amazing in ALL of your clothes. No more skinny jeans or fat jeans.

Phase I

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

To start, we look at all the nutrition-related factors keeping you from losing weight and from breaking through your workout plateaus. They look at things you may not even realize are holding you back like a difficult coworker (stress) and the kids waking you up in the middle of the night (poor sleep). After reviewing your questionnaire, they identify your unique weakness within 11 nutrition and lifestyle categories. Right from the start, they show you where you can make the biggest impact with your time and effort to get that beach-ready CrossFit body next month, not next year.

Phase II

Fix your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths

We show you exactly what to do today to start fixing your weaknesses now. You don’t have to wait months to address your dislike of water or your love of all things sugar because some program tells you protein and vegetables come first for everyone.


Instead, you’ll get specific recommendations addressing your weaknesses like how much water to drink before a workout to keep your energy high from beginning to end and how much time to wait between meals so your body will burn more fat.

You’ll also get short, to the point, coaching videos should you need additional help. The videos answer all of your "what if's...?" like "what if I have to go on a business trip?" or "what if I get stuck at my child's soccer game?" so your progress doesn't slow down when life gets in the way.

Phase III

Your 30-day game plan

We give you a game plan guaranteed to keep you focused and on point. If you’re anything like me, you need a little help staying focused too. You’ve got a lot going on! They program your next few weeks like your coach programs your WODs so that you can stay on track, be consistent, and safely lose those stubborn 10 pounds. With this system, you’ll feel confident that your next step is the right one.

Everything you need to get that CrossFit look fast is right inside your Complete Nutrition Package

Macro and meal timing recommendations made just for to work just for you

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28 meals personalized to your macros so you don’t have to waste time figuring out what to eat

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Macro adjustments for competition, recovery, and injury because not every days is a training day

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Supplement recommendations backed by research and shown to support CrossFitters to save you time and money

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Custom hydration guidelines to ensure you have exactly what you need to keep crushing your workouts

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Your Plate Score™ shows you how to build a plate, eat healthy, and lose weight without ever being hungry

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Our Progression Matrix™ helps you evaluate your training strengths and weaknesses so you can laser focus your training and break through your training plateaus

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Added sugar recommendations to keep your workouts fueled and your muscles growing

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Stressed out? Not getting enough sleep? We’ll help you fix these hidden causes of difficulty losing weight

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40+ coaching videos helping you make lifelong gains and get the most out of your nutrition plan

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Our extensive nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire goes beyond the baseline and allows you to enter exact body weight and body fat so that we can determine the best macro breakdown for your goal to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your current weight. Our meal timing is specific, not generalized, and is proven to fuel your workouts and give you lasting energy throughout the day because we plan meals around when you wake up and work out.


With 7 full days of meals and snacks, you won’t have to figure out what to cook to hit your macro goals. All you have to do is pick which meal you want to make next and enjoy. Meals are simple by design and allow you the freedom to choose your own cooking methods and seasonings. After all, our meal plans are your best starting point, so want you to actually make them. Save even more time and money by making your favorites in bulk.


Did you know your macros are not the same year round? It’s true, just like you have to adjust your training for competitions, injuries, and recovery, your macros need to adjust as well so that you always have the perfect balance to meet your goals. We’ve taken the guess work out of what to do when your nutrition needs change and given you macros for competition, recovery, and injury in addition to day to day training.


Most supplements are worthless. They are either unsafe or ineffective. Yet, athletes as a whole can easily spend hundreds of dollars a year on them. We will recommend supplements proven to accelerate your results and show you how to pick the right ones that are safe and affordable.


Nothing will kill your progress faster than dehydration. Not only do we provide you with daily hydration targets, we break it down for you from first thing in the morning to before, during, and after your workouts. You’ll also know how to adjust your post workout fluid intake based on if you sweat a little or a lot during that workout and how to assess your hydration throughout the day. When it comes to fluid intake, we don’t mess around.


Yes, we just scored your dinner plate and you can do better. But instead of guessing how, we show you exactly how to do better with simple food swaps that make a huge difference in the quality of your food choice. We break it down for you by protein, veg, fruit, starch, and fat so you always know how to get a better Plate Score at any meal.


A true nutrition lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle. That means in the gym too. Worried you might be specializing a little too much or not enough? Our proprietary Progression Matrix will identify your weaknesses and strengths in gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning. It is time to balance your dinner plate and your bumper plates.


Added sugar is an anti-nutrient and is being linked to more and more nasty ailments every day. We will show you exactly how many grams per day of added sugar you should stay under and give you a step wise approach to cutting added sugar out of your diet. If you love sugar a little too much, you will love our acronym J.O.S.S.


Inadequate sleep and poor stress management can undo any progress you make with nutrition. We provide you with real solutions you can use to wake up feeling rested and ready to take on your day. No other nutrition program focuses on additional lifestyle factors like your Complete Nutrition Package does.


There are no secrets inside your nutrition plan. At every step in your journey, we are there to show you how to make the changes we are recommending. You never have to guess how we came up with your plan because we tell you exactly how. Even better, we show you how to tweak it and make your plan work even better. Each video is less than 15 minutes and will get you one step closer to actually getting THAT LOOK.

Stress-Free Meal Planning

Put an end to the struggle that is meal planning.  You get 28 meals custom fit to your macros with you Complete Nutrition Package.  All you have to do is pick which one you want to make next.  Save even more time and money by making your favorites in bulk.

Optimize your Performance

Often times, losing weight also means losing strength or losing energy. Because your Complete Nutrition Package  focuses on fueling lean muscle mass and eating nourishing foods, your speed, strength, and energy levels actually improve as your body weight goes down.

"I seriously feel like I wouldn't have done so well at the competition if I didn't have my nutrition on point. I'm not sore at all and feel great. No cravings and not feeling hungry or depleted. This is seriously amazing how good I feel"

 - Stephanie D.

"I am certainly feeling more energetic and stronger. I have been getting more sleep. I feel relieved and strangely not needing snacks"

- Kathy M.

Banish Hunger Pains

Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and what portions sizes are best to fuel your body has an amazing side effect: weight loss without hunger. Your Complete Nutrition Package excels at getting you results without nagging hunger pains.

Take Care of your Whole Self

Inadequate sleep and poor stress management can undo any progress you make with nutrition. We provide you with real solutions you can use to wake up feeling rested and ready to take on your day. No other nutrition program focuses on additional  lifestyle factors like the Complete Nutrition Package does.

Real Results

No more failed attempts at following someone else’s diet.  Stay consistent with your Complete Nutrition Package recommendations and get results that far exceed your expectations, whatever life throws at you.

"This is a big difference from my last macro plan. My results were minimal. With this approach, I'm full most of the day and my cloths are already fitting better. I feel like the sky's the limit!"

- Jamie B.

Eat with your Family

Tired of making your own meal and then one for everyone else?  Your Complete Nutrition Package makes sure you’re eating quality food in the form of balanced, nutritious, and delicious meals your whole family can enjoy.

 "Nutrition WOD is amazing. No bells and whistles. Not a get skinny fast scheme. Just the real deal."

- Mackenzie P.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Like to compete?  Need to take some time off?  Your life is not stagnant, and your nutrition shouldn’t be either.  Your Complete Nutrition Package provides you adjusted macros for competition, recovery, and injury so you are always at your best.

"I truly believe that balanced nutrition has helped accelerate my CrossFit strength. I am confident in the management of my macros. I feel better than ever. I feel lean and strong!"

- Kristin S.

Pick Your Own Path

You are busy and sometimes you just need to know how to fix your biggest problem. Your Complete Nutrition Package gives you the flexibility to focus on what matters most in terms of your nutrition.

Kristy Neufeld - "Nutrition WOD's plan changed my life. Love you guys."

Why Nutrition WOD?


Collectively, our owners have over 10,000 hours of CrossFit training experience, 5 years as box owners, and our head dietitian has worked with CrossFit athletes for the past six years. In fact, she has worked with Regional and Games level athletes to hone in their nutrition and optimize their performance.


Although you get over 60 actionable nutrition recommendations right from the start, we know your life is not static. The included Video Library walks you through step by step how to custom fit your nutrition to your life whatever it throws at you. Our head dietitian is just an email away to help with meal timing or macro adjustments if you want more of a personal connection as you figure out your nutrition sweet spot.


Your Complete Nutrition Package goes beyond food and nutrition and help you with activity, sleep, and stress management too. After all, if you don’t have all four aspects of your health in check: nutrition, sleep, activity, and stress, you’ll fall short of your goals. No other program considers all four areas of your health and performance.


CrossFit Centric:

We know what it takes to succeed in CrossFit and in life. We have the rope burns, whip marks, sweat angels, and shin scabs just like you. We speak the language. We know macros, Paleo, Zone, Keto, Carb Cycling, Intermittent Fasting, Periodization, and all the other nutrition plans you’ve heard of in the box and are trying to navigate through. We also know that one size doesn’t fit all and that even the best diet in theory may not be the best for you. You are in good hands with Nutrition WOD and the Complete Nutrition Package.

Cost of the Complete Nutrition Package:

One payment of $99 - That's it!

Included in the $99 
  • Over 60 actionable nutrition recommendations so you know exactly what to do to lose weight and stay strong
  • Over 40 short nutrition videos helping you fine tune your recommendations so you get results beyond your expectations
  • Over 36 coaching emails keeping you motivated and on track as you find your nutrition sweet spot
  • Access to our head dietitian who can work with varying needs.