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Are you ready to lose up to 10 pounds in the next 30 days without being hungry between meals, having to guess what to eat, or losing your energy mid-day?

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    "This is one of the best resources on the web for nutritional advice that’s geared specifically toward the CrossFitter."


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Macro and Meal Timing Calculator

Here is what you get:

  • Meal timing based on your wake-up and work out times
  • Macro breakdown based on your current weight and body fat percentage
  • Hydration needs
  • Foods you should start eating today


5/15 Recovery (Our Best Recovery Drink)

  • 5 main ingredients you can buy on Amazon
  • Taken within 15 minutes of your workout
  • Developed by Amanda, a registered dietitian and former CrossFit gym owner
  • No sketchy or unnecessary ingredients
  • Just what you need. Nothing more. 

Success Stories from Our Clients

"This is a big difference from my last macro plan. My results were minimal. With this approach, I'm full most of the day and my clothes are already fitting better. I fee like the sky's the limit!"

- Jamie B.

"I seriously feel like i wouldn't have done so well at the competitions if I didn't have my nutrition on point. I'm not sore at all and feel great. No craving and not feeling hungry or depleted. This is seriously amazing how good I feel."

- Stephanie D.

"Nutrition WOD has me looking at macros in a whole different way. I am the most confident I have felt about myself in MANY years!!"

- Debra B.

"Nutrition WOD is amazing. No bells and whistles. Not a get skinny fast scheme. Just the real deal."

- Mackenzie P.

"I truly believe that balanced nutrition has helped accelerate my CrossFit strength. I am confident in the management of my macros. I feel better than ever. I feel lean and strong."


- Kristin S.

"I'm really liking this macro thing. I eat more. I'm not suffering at the gym strength wise. I don't feel sluggish. I'm so pleased the weight is slowly dropping off ounce by ounce."

- Dena D.

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